At 45th Parallel Plumbing, we see a lot of problems every winter with frozen pipes. When temperatures reach freezing point, the water in pipes will also freeze causing the pipes to expand and often burst. This leads to serious damage from flooding, especially in homes that sit vacant throughout the coldest part of the year. When a home is unoccupied during the winter, there is no water running through the pipes, increasing the chance that they will freeze.

If you don’t winterize your home, you could find yourself facing these same problems - and a flooded house is a hassle you definitely don’t need when it’s already icy and freezing outside.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to avoid this headache. At 45th Parallel Plumbing, we provide winterizing services for your home. All homes can benefit from protecting their pipes from the winter weather, but winterizing is essential for homes that are empty all winter.

For a vacant home, our winterizing process is a complete treatment for all of the water systems in and around the house. We will empty the water heater, drain the water from all the pipes in the home, open all water faucets (both hot and cold), and drain the faucets on the main supply line, water heater, and any other water treatment equipment.

All fixtures, such as the toilet trap and main house trap, will be filled with antifreeze solution to protect them from extreme temperatures. In addition, we will disconnect garden hoses and drain your sprinkler system, if you have one. If necessary, we can use an air compressor to blow air through the sprinkler system and household faucets to ensure they are completely free of water.

When that beautiful spring weather finally returns, we’ll be ready to come out and de-winterize your home for you, refilling your tanks and reconnecting any drains.

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