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Plumbing Inspection Services

Homes can develop a wide range of problems that may not be clear to the untrained eye. Plumbing leaks, toilets that aren’t flushing properly due to poor water pressure, water damage in the basement, sewage smells, and slow drains are all telltale signs of a plumbing system that is flawed or compromised.

Who Needs a Plumbing Inspection?

The costs of untreated plumbing problems can add up quickly – particularly in homes that are 20 years old or older. If you suspect any aspect of your property’s plumbing isn’t functioning as well as it should, it’s time to schedule a plumbing inspection.

For those purchasing a home, it’s also a good idea to call a plumber to do a thorough inspection before closing, in addition to a standard home inspection. Why? A trained plumbing specialist may see warning signs a typical home inspector could overlook. Additionally, plumbers have techniques and tools specifically designed to identify the nature and source of plumbing problems.

Video Inspections Identify Multiple Issues

One of the most important tools available to plumbers is a specialized video camera that diagnoses the source of problems that would otherwise be difficult to identify. Video plumbing inspections allow plumbers to solve problems and potential problems more quickly, which saves homeowners money and time.

During a video inspection, a plumber will remotely steer a small, flexible high-definition video camera throughout the length of the pipe. Using the video feed, the plumber can spot leaks, blockages, cracks and other pipe problems. With this non-invasive technique, plumbers no longer need to dig up the pipe to pinpoint the issue and recommend the best repair solution.

The inspector can also tell you what kind of material was used to construct the sewer line, and any potential pitfalls associated with that material. A video inspection is the best way to get a complete sense of the health of a pipe system.

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