When the weather changes and the signs of spring are all around us, it means two things: winter has ended, and it is time to de-winterize the plumbing. It is part of a natural home cycle where you want to winterize in the fall and follow up with de-winterizing. But how exactly do you de-winterize a plumbing system?

If you have a cottage, cabin, or a second home that is not occupied during the winter, it is crucial to winterize your home to keep your pipes from damaging your investment.

De-winterizing just reverses all the things you did in the fall. This includes removing insulation that may have been wrapped around the pipes, turning the water main back on (slowly at first in order to let the system fill up with water), check for leaks from any of the pipes, turn faucets on (slowly at first, then on full until the water runs clear), and flush toilets a few times to remove air from the pipes.

De-winterizing is one of the many services we provide at 45th Parallel. If you have been away on an extended winter vacation or happen to be a snowbird that lives in warmer climates for part of the year, we can de-winterize your home so it will be ready for you to use as soon as you return home.

The process of de-winterizing is much like the way plants, trees, and grass come back to life in spring. Your home has had a long winter rest and it is crucial to bring the plumbing system out of hibernation and back on track. Our technicians at 45th Parallel will take care of your de-winterizing needs so that you don't have to. After a long winter vacation, you should be concentrating on unpacking your luggage and not the pipes in the crawl space.

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