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Backflow Testing Services

Backflows can occur anywhere in the house. When this happens, your potable drinking source could be compromised. This is because wastewater contains many hazardous elements such as harmful chemicals, bacteria, and human waste.

Fixing the backflow should be your top priority when you're experiencing plumbing issues. Backflow testing should be done regularly as a preventive home maintenance.

45th Parallel is your go-to company for excellent backflow testing procedures. Our vast experience in the field and years of knowledge ensure that any model and any size of your backflow component will be tested to its proper specifications.

What Causes Backflows?

Backflows happen when the flow of water in your sewer system is reversed. In other words, wastewater goes in the house instead of going out.

There are many reasons why a backflow could occur:

  • Flushing fire hydrants

  • A ruptured pipeline in the sewer main

  • Leaky pipes

  • Anything that causes a fluctuation in water pressure

The best way to prevent a backflow is to invest in a backflow prevention unit. This device can read the water pressure inside your sewer lines and adjust the pressure accordingly to prevent a backflow from happening.

Protect Your Home

If you don't have a backflow component or aren't sure whether or not your sewer line has one, ask for a backflow testing service from our qualified technicians.

Our technicians are able to test backflow devices, detect any unusual changes in pressure, and see if your device is working properly. We recommend homeowners to call us rather than conducting a DIY as the unit is located inside the plumbing and not easily accessible.

45th Parallel recommends an annual backflow test to guarantee that your prevention device is up to code. Wear and tear from severe weather can cause certain parts to break down. 45th Parallel wants to ensure that you and your family members are using and drinking clean and safe water.

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