Vanderbilt: De-Winterizing

This probably goes without saying, Vanderbilt gets cold in the winter. We are not talking about a handful of cold days, Northern Michigan experiences a long winter of frigid temperatures. Thankfully you are used to the long winters and have prepared and protected your property and investment by winterizing your home.

With the winter season behind us and spring in front of us, it is time to get the house ready again to enjoy the warmer temperatures. As you put those thick winter jackets away, it is also time to undo the winterizing efforts you put into the house.

Preparing for Spring

Our team at 45th Parallel call Michigan our home, just like you. We know what it takes to de-winterize our residence. Our local crew understands our unique climate and extreme conditions. That's why you should feel at peace knowing that our team is experienced and understanding, especially in the winterizing and de-winterizing process.

When it comes to de-winterizing your home, these are some of the steps that we take. We will connect all the flex lines again, especially if any of your units were unhooked during the winter.

We will check for leaks, floods, or any burst pipes. In a situation where a leak may be present, our technicians will mitigate the problem immediately.

In a house that remained empty all winter long, it is crucial to connect and turn on the water main. Our technicians will carefully approach this to ensure that the water flow will run smoothly in the house while checking all areas of the house for any potential leaks.

Toilets are also checked to make sure that they are running properly. Nobody wants to deal with issues from a toilet from leaking to overflowing, so we take care of that for you. By making sure it runs the way that it needs to, we take care of it before it becomes problematic.

Outside faucets are vulnerable during the winter, especially in freezing temperature. If not taken care of, they can crack and break. We make sure that your outside faucets are working correctly so that you can go back to washing your cars, gardening, using the sprinkler system during the beautiful warm seasons in Vanderbilt. 45th Parallel ensures that all winterizing and de-winterizing services are thorough and comprehensive.

Checking the Hard to Reach Places

If your house has a crawlspace, attic, or basement, these areas are less insulated and tend to freeze during winter. These corners of the house can be hard to reach and many people give up on checking for damage. That is why we train all of our professionals to reach these complicated spaces and fix what is broken.

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