Trenchless Sewer Repair
Grayling, Michigan

If you still imagine sewer repair as a lengthy and destructive process, then it may be time to rethink your expectations. The idea of calling a professional plumber shouldn’t conjure images of heavy equipment and deep muddy trenches carved out of your property. If this is still how you imagine sewer repair, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Trenchless sewer repair has replaced traditional trench digging.

No Dig, No Mess

The no-dig sewer repair method includes a suite of tools and methods applied by modern professional plumbers. If you are experiencing a sewer emergency, then you will want to contact a qualified plumbing company that offers trenchless options.

This way of repairing sewer pipes includes a range of procedures, starting with cleanings. From above ground, plumbing technicians can manually clean your drains or clear them with pressurized water. Once your pipes have been cleaned and cleared of debris and corrosion, an inspection can be completed.

Our plumbers will send cameras into your pipes and guide them through your sewer system to determine where there is damage and how bad the damage is. Pipes that are determined to be crushed or extensively destroyed may not be eligible for a trenchless repair service. These inspections allow images to be reviewed in real time and the quality of your pipes to be easily assessed.

An inspection may reveal that your pipes have holes or cracks. They may also have invading tree roots or weak corroded spots. Any of these issues can cause blocks or leaks and reduced pressure, and almost all of them can be repaired using trenchless techniques.

How it Works

We begin by coating your existing pipes in an epoxy resin that seals and strengthens them. To do this, our plumbing technicians dig two small access holes that allow access to your sewer pipe system. Our tools navigate the twists and bends of your pipes, carefully coating the inside with a thin layer of epoxy resin. This smooth layer seals any small cracks or holes and smooths over corrosion.

The initial advantage of trenchless sewer repair is obvious in that it doesn’t require the wasted time and labor that trenched repair would. Our plumbers spend the majority of their time completing repairs, not preparing the site. When they are finished, the new epoxy pipes will harden by the end of the day. The epoxy resin used in trenchless repair is just as durable as your original sewer pipes and will last just as long as replacement pipes.

The no-fuss advantages of trenchless sewer repair also give you the opportunity to be proactive about the health of your sewers. You would never have your sewers dug up, removed, and replaced if you didn’t need to. However, you may have your sewers relined before they experience damage if you know that they are getting older or if an inspection reveals a chance of possible future damage.

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