Trenchless Sewer Repair
Gaylord, Michigan

Picture traditional sewer repair. There's heavy machinery lining the road. Broken up concrete and asphalt roads. Workers going to and fro. Now imagine this process taking days, or even weeks just to repair one sewer line.

Thankfully, there's a newer and more advanced method of rehabilitating your failing sewer lines. 45th Parallel minimizes the damage to your lawn and landscape via trenchless sewer repair as a part of Gaylord, Michigan services. What's more, you get to spend less time waiting for plumbers to complete the repairs and save more money in the process!

State of the Art Trenchless Process

Your sewer system will undergo a visual inspection before any action is done. Our technicians use an HD camera attached to a flexible wire to see the exact sewer problem and any underlying cause. Typically, hydrojetting is carried out prior to any repair procedure to ensure the pipes are clean and free of debris.

Pipe lining is the process where your damaged sewer pipes are rehabilitated using a "pipe within a pipe" method.

CIPP (cured-in-place pipe) uses a liner that is saturated with a special epoxy resin which is pulled into position using state-of-the-art equipment. The epoxy sticks to the inner walls of the broken pipe, which creates a new, smooth, and jointless pipe. This method is capable of laying up to a hundred feet of new piping material in just a few seconds!

Pipe bursting uses a hydraulic machine that leads a "bursting head" attached to the replacement pipe through the broken line. A full-size replacement pipe scatters the remaining old pipe and sends it to the surrounding soil.

Both trenchless technologies can be used to replace old pipe materials such as concrete, PVC, terra cotta, cast iron, clay at any diameter and any length. Our technicians will be able to fix it no matter where the problem is located. The new pipe is set to last for 50 years or greater. You'll enjoy a better flow with less corrosion, failure, and root intrusion.

Advantages of Going Trenchless

The no-dig technology can be applied whether you need a quick inspection, repair of pipe sections or its entirety, or when you need to remove a stubborn clog in your drains. Trenchless techniques are:

Fast and Efficient. The steps used in traditional repair can be skipped right away if you opt for trenchless. Imagine having your sewer lines repaired within the day!

Eco-Friendly. No exposed pipes means there's no chances of groundwater contamination. Fewer holes are required, which in turn minimizes ecological damage.

Cost-Effective. Save on plumbing repair costs with trenchless because of less labor and less machines required. There's no destroyed landscape to speak of, so you won't need to contact a contractor to have it restored.

Non-Invasive. Trenchless shines when underground pipes have to be replaced beneath gardens, sidewalks, driveways, or in the streets.

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45th Parallel can repair, maintain, and install new pipes during any season. We look forward to providing 100% satisfaction to all our Gaylord, Michigan residents. Try us now and see how trenchless technology will make your household or business operate better. Call today for a free estimate!

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