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Plumbing is plumbing and to an extent, there is no difference between commercial plumbing and residential plumbing. They both deal with installation and repairs using the same kinds of material. In Michigan, commercial plumbing services are provided by the same companies that provide residential plumbing services.

It is important to remember that both commercial and residential plumbing installations and repairs have to be done with the weather kept in mind. Both have to be able to stand up to the cold and heat but there are a few distinctions to commercial plumbing.


The most obvious difference is in the size and extent of commercial plumbing, which often requires more pipes and outlets than residential plumbing. A commercial plumbing job will be for a business and businesses tend to be bigger than residential homes. There has to be more toilets and sinks, which means an increased demand for water that needs more support.

Multiple Floors

Residential plumbing usually entails no more than three floors’ worth of plumbing. AN office building usually has multiple stories, all of which requires more than one toilet and sink. Gravity plays a bigger role in functioning pipes than you may think. Water pressure is important in buildings with multiple stories, and a good plumber understands that when taking on a commercial job.

More possible problems

Residential plumbing tends to encounter the same basic list of issues. Commercial plumbing, however, faces a wider variety of issues, which requires an understanding of a larger number of solutions. Plumbers need to be knowledgeable of a larger amount of codes, and be prepared for more spontaneous problems that might pop up.

Commercial Plumbing

Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever- which, includes your business’s plumbing system. If you need to replace the entire plumbing system in your business, or if you just need to repair a section the 45th Parallel Plumbers are ready. We are dedicated to all our customers and all their plumbing needs.

We understand that plumbing problems in your business may be even more of a headache than your home. Your business makes you money and if something is not working correctly you run the risk of dissatisfied customers. Let our business help your business with trenchless sewer repair.

Trenchless pipe repair is a way to repair or completely replace a damaged pipe underground without digging it up. Instead, plumbing professionals will dig two holes at either end of the damaged pipe. We drive a new pipe or pipe-liner into the ground with a pointed installation head.

That way we solve the problem without having to dig up the old pipe. This is less of an inconvenience on your business and also creates way less mess and damage. The new pipes are designed to last for 100 years and are completely compliant with all building codes. We know how important it is to keep a business up and running and we can assure you that with trenchless pipe repair the repair time is quicker, the damage is minimal and the cost is much more effective for your wallet.

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