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Plumbing problems do not wait for the most convenient season to rear its ugly head. If you live in a place like Michigan where you are both lucky and cursed to experience all 4 seasons then you need a company that can specialize in winterizing and de-winterizing your home. 45th Parallel Plumbing is ready to install, repair or maintain any plumbing need you have—winter, spring, summer and fall.

Plumbing seems like a fairly simple concept. It is a “water in, water out” procedure, and so it can’t be that hard right? In new homes the plumbing system features three main components, the water supply system, the drainage system, and the appliance/fixture set.

In order to get the job done correctly you should be a licensed plumber or you must work for a company that has the licensing and insurance necessary to install the plumbing system. Local codes determine standard plumbing procedures, but a new home’s fixture placement, pipe routing diagram, and pipe size depends on the home’s individual layout.

So you want to put a toilet into your new home. A toilet has to flush somewhere, so sewer systems have evolved. Waste can’t just spill onto the ground outside as simple as that may seem. That certainly would be easy and inexpensive, but people realized quickly that human waste spilled onto the ground smells bad and leads to disease. Septic tanks and sewer systems take care of this.

There are codes put into place to ensure that these systems are installed properly and work for the community. Once you have a septic tank in place, you can add sewer lines from the sink or toilet to the septic tank.

When plumbers follow all the rules set in place they are able to create extremely reliable and safe plumbing systems. Over time, new rules get added as people realize the nuances of plumbing systems in the community. Every area has specific codes and rules depending on the size of the community and the weather. The new rules set in place prevent problems in the future, and each one makes the code a little better and the sewer system a little more reliable.

It is impossible to avoid costs related to sewer systems. You’ll have to install it and then you’ll have to maintain it and possibly replace it. Once you install a new plumbing system into your new home the goal is that you won’t have to replace. Some of the new rules set in place involve things like no-dig repairs and installations. Trenchless repairs and installations have been around for 15 years and are an option that is different from the age old dig and excavate process.

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45th Parallel Plumbing in Michigan is ready to install, repair or maintain any plumbing need you have. We are experts in the area and we let the customers speak for themselves. Check out the homepage for testimonials for happy and satisfied customers. Remember that it is better to install the plumbing correctly the first time but even if you don’t we are happy to come and fix or maintain whatever plumbing situations that may arise.

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