Sewer Repair
Roscommon, Michigan

Our sewer repair service at 45th Parallel Plumbing reaches the Roscommon, Michigan area. We use the newer trenchless technology methods that make the process of repair easier to complete compared to the traditional method.

What is the new sewer repair process?

The new sewer repair method is called trenchless sewer repair technology. Compared to traditional methods, using this new method will only take our team a few hours to repair a damaged sewer pipe. There is no need for heavy machinery to accomplish the job. Other than that, the trenchless method requires only 2-3 experts from our team at the site.

Different ways to repair a sewer pipe

With the new technology, we have different options on how to conduct a repair for our customers. Two of our most common methods are cured-in-place-pipe and pipe bursting.

The cured-in-place-pipe method (CIPP) is an easy way to repair our customers’ broken or damaged pipes without digging the ground or destroying any landscape in the vicinity. To conduct the CIPP method, we start with pipe inspection to ensure that we are not dealing with an issue other than broken pipes.

Pipe inspection will help us determine whether a sewer repair is needed or a simple cleaning will do. Once it is decided that a sewer repair is needed, we go to the next step – sewer pipe cleaning. Sewer pipe cleaning will remove any obstruction inside the pipe that may be in the way of the new sewer pipe.

After the pipe has been cleaned, we insert a tube with resin and inflate it inside the pipe. Then we leave it to cure in place or to dry. The purpose of the resin is to fill the gaps and holes that may be found in the old pipes. It covers damages, if they are not so extensive, so that the pipes work again like they are new.

The other method – pipe bursting – is often used on pipes that have damages that cannot be covered or filled by the CIPP method. What happens during the pipe bursting is similar to the CIPP process, wherein a pipe inspection is conducted to confirm that repair is indeed necessary.

The next step is to insert a cable with a pipe bursting head that works as a drill to destroy the damaged old pipe without the need for digging. As the pipe bursting tool advances underground, it pulls with it the new pipe that will be used to replace the old pipe. The pipe bursting method can be used on collapsed laterals as long as there is enough space for the equipment to pass through.

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We use both sewer repair methods depending on the situation of our customer’s sewer pipes. Both methods also require a minimum dig for an entry point and an exit point and it has to be exactly where the pipes begin and ends. Our experts are trained to identify the correct entrance and exits to dig the small access holes, making sure that our customers’ properties are left undamaged after the repair is completed.

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