Sewer Repair
Grayling, Michigan

Sewer drains are a very common issue that all plumbers have to deal with. From installing all new drains from the ground up, to cleaning your drains using a cable method, to a powerful hydro jetter, to trenching and repairing sewer lines: taking care of sewer drains is at the center of all plumbing companies.

When you add in a climate that is up and down- hot and cold you can add in a whole host of other problems. The sewer and drain technology has changed dramatically over the last 10 years with the advent of trenchless sewer repair and replacement.

The big pros of trenchless sewer repair

  • -Saving lines, landscaping, driveways, very expensive flooring and preventing massive street work.

  • -The biggest savings of all is the customer’s money

  • -50 year life expectancy

  • -Pipes that are resistant to corrosion

  • -A seamless pipe that prevents root intrusion

  • -Smooth inside surface makes for a free-flowing drain system

The few cons of trenchless technology:

  • -It might be too late to rehabilitate a pipe using the trenchless method. If the line is so destroyed, the only option may be to excavate the pipe using a more invasive process

  • -If the technology is not performed property there can be some major issues. It’s very important to hire the right company.

  • -The cost can be a bit more sometimes depending on the application. Bear in mind that the initial cost may seem like more, but in the long run you are saving money by not having to replace pipes in the future and not having to repair additional things on your property

Trenchless Pipe Repair

It is recommended to use trenchless technology in places where the line is very deep, when the lines are very long, or when the material or landscaping is very expensive to replace. It is also a method that will be less stressful because it takes a lot less time and is less invasive to both your sewer pipes and your home.

On top of the weather in Michigan, there is the fact that the water systems are over 80 years old with a huge cost to repair and replace over the coming years. Aging infrastructure isn’t a unique problem to have, but a unique solution to put in place may be to educate the public.

Only flush or drain appropriate materials in toilets and sinks. Trash, paper, food waste, or anything that contains fat, oil, or grease clogs the system and educating the public could prevent some of the issues that the sewer systems are having. It’s important to understand contamination in the sewer pipes and what they can do to help lower the amount of service needed.

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