Sewer Camera Inspection
Roscommon, Michigan

Professional sewer inspections and cleanings can help prevent major sewage or wastewater spill accidents and help customers avoid the consequences of the damage these issues can cause. Illnesses, like the one that was found in the Au Sable River as a result of a sewage spill, reinforce the importance of protecting these important pipelines by making sure they are frequently inspected.

Expert Sewer Camera Inspection

With 45th Parallel, our expert technicians first perform a camera inspection of the inner pipe walls. This inspection is done without digging holes in the landscape or breaking down the walls. Instead, we attach a camera to a cable that is guided down into the sewer line, capturing footage and displaying it on a monitor for review. The purpose of these inspections is to be able to quickly find any clogs or cracks in the pipes, and from there determine the best solution. Preventative measures like sewer camera inspections allow our customers to be proactive and keep the condition of their pipes as good as new.

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At 45th Parallel Plumbing, we work with a team of highly experienced and well trained professionals that can determine the issues of your sewer line and offer a fast, effective fix.

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