Sewer Camera Inspection
Grayling, Michigan

It may look like everything is going well and you're going about your daily life, but underneath everything, the plumbing is culminating in a massive disaster. While it's certainly an inconvenience for you and your family when pipes leak, toilets malfunction, and drains collect water, it’s not inevitable. All of those problems can be avoided with a timely inspection.

45th Parallel can resolve any type of plumbing concerns no matter how big or small. Our company keeps up to date regarding the latest technologies. Combined with our expertise and years of knowledge, our sewer camera inspection services in Grayling Michigan are sure to take care of your current sewer line problems.

A visual inspection of your sewer system gives our professional technicians a keen eye on the inside of your pipes. We uncover both existing and potential sewer line concerns and gain an insight over the best possible course of action.

By using state-of-the-art equipment, we can get to any pipe of any diameter in the network to:

Check for Corrosion.

We use the high-definition camera to check for signs of damage or corrosion around the pipe and the fittings. Orange or yellow stains on steel and green stains on copper and brass pipes all indicate advanced rusting.

Spot Leaks.

Do you notice any warping in your paneling or wallboard? How about water stains or small pools of water that appear when you turn on the tap? All of these indicate potentially serious pipe leaks that you should take care of right away.

Reach Hard-to-Access Areas.

We can check pipes that are buried underground or hidden in the flooring or walls. The CCTV camera is fixed to a flexible rod that goes down nooks and bends for a complete sewer inspection. During this time, our technicians map out the drain and pipe network.

Inspect for Damage.

Our experienced technicians can check for substandard piping materials, ground movement, shifting soil, tree roots, broken seals, cracked tiles, and bellied pipes. These are all important details that lead to the right recommendation for trenchless solutions.

Complete Transparency

Home and business owners can take a look at the inside of their sewer lines at any point in the sewer inspection process. In the end, we provide a copy for your future reference. We can also carry out one-day repairs using CIPP or pipe lining. Sometimes a good hydro-jetting is all you need to get the blockage out of your pipes.

Routine Inspection for Prevention

Nearly all of the plumbing issues in Grayling are caused by everyday wear and tear. A regular preventive camera inspection uncovers leaks when they're small, which can save you thousands of dollars in plumbing repair in the long run. Left alone, the leak can lead to serious health issues such as mold and mildew.

45th Parallel Plumbing is your go-to company when you need the latest sewer line inspections that require virtually no digging or guesswork. Our expertise, efficiency, and attention to detail will prove to be an excellent fit for your camera inspection needs. Call now and get great service!

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