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Winterizing your home plumbing is a common practice in and around Roscommon. At 45th Parallel Plumbing we are accustomed to the harsh winter climates in Michigan and have a seasonal window where we can winterize your summer home to prevent plumbing pipes from freezing up in the cold.

It may sound like a bit of overkill for some homeowners, but when you consider the cost of replacing frozen pipes, it becomes easy to see that the time and effort put into the preventative maintenance of winterizing is well worth the saving.

There is a whole lot more to winterizing a home that may sit vacant for the winter than just turning down the thermostat. To ensure pipes do not freeze in the extreme cold, you can do several additional things to keep from dealing with repairs next spring. We have put together a short list of what we consider top priorities in order to properly winterize in Roscommon.

Main Shutoff Valve

For a home that will sit vacant in the winter you really should consider shutting the main water valve off. This prevents water from entering the home plumbing and can be the main source of problems with freeze ups. Without water entering the system, there is nothing that can freeze in the interior plumbing pipes.

Drain Taps

Once you have shut off the main water valve feeding water into your home, you need to empty the system of water that is sitting in the pipes. The best way to do this is to open all faucets in the house starting at the top floor and working your way down. Sinks, tubs and showers as well as outdoor faucets left open will drain any water still in the lines.

Water Heater

Keep your water heater from freezing up by disconnecting the power source (gas or electric). Then attach a hose to the drain plug near the bottom of the water heater and open the drain valve. You will be emptying the water heater of all water inside it, which will take some time. Be sure the other end of the hose is well away from your home.

Bowls And Tanks

Empty the bowls and tanks of all toilets in your home. This removes standing water that may freeze. Take a moment to walk through your home from room to room and empty anything that contains standing water that could cause damage if frozen.


Any drain taps that can be removed and cleaned should be. After cleaning them thoroughly, replace each and fill with a mixture of water and plumbing antifreeze in the proportion appropriate for your climate. If there is a basement floor drain, fill it with antifreeze as well. Do not use antifreeze in your washing machine or dishwasher.

For professional winterizing of your summer home in Roscommon contact 45th Parallel Plumbing. You can email us or phone today at 989-748-8277 to schedule an appointment and we will send a plumbing professional to your home to inspect the system and provide you with a quote for winterizing.

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