Rogers City De-Winterizing

You may already know how important it is to winterize your home, especially if you live in the Northernmost part of Michigan. Temperatures can drop below freezing unexpectedly and you will want to have your pipes insulated and away from the cold outside air to prevent plumbing issues. But did you know that it is equally important to de-winterize your home?

Why all Rogers City Homeowners Should De-Winterize Their Plumbing Systems

In early Spring when the flowers start to bloom and the fear of your pipes freezing at night starts to fade, it is time to think about de-winterizing your home.

Why should you de-winterize your home? Because it helps to make sure that your plumbing system is capable of pumping water without any leaks, bursting pipes, or additional damage. For the most part, de-winterizing your home isn’t very difficult.

However, if you fail to do it correctly, you could end paying the high cost of repairs. Therefore, if you are new to the de-winterization process, or are unsure about anything, you should get in touch with us and take advantage of our seasonal plumbing services.

What You Can Do to De-Winterize Your Home

There are a few things that homeowners can do on their own to get started with de-winterization. Here are a few tips on what you can do to get your residential plumbing ready for Spring and Summer.

- Prepare to use all your outdoor faucets once again for watering flowers or washing the car by removing any air inlet caps or rubber gaskets from the faucets that were put in place to keep the cold air out. Be sure to replace the cap back on the drain port so that you don’t have water spraying everywhere the next time you use it.

- Turn on the faucets inside your home and remove all faucet tips from the spouts. Be sure to remove any insulation that has been applied to your pipes as well.

- Turn off the valves inside your home such as those connected to your water heater or laundry room.

- Check for leaks in your pipes as the water turns on. If you have any concerns, be sure to contact us here at 45th Parallel Plumbing for assistance.

- Refill all water softeners and pour at least a gallon of water down any floor drains such as your washing machine drains.

- Look for any signs of damage to your appliances that are connected to your plumbing system. That includes your toilets, dishwasher, washing machine, and refrigerator if it has an ice maker.

Contact Us At 45th Parallel Plumbing for Help with De-Winterization

If you are unable to get to all your faucets or go down in the basement to turn on the water main, our friendly technicians are here to help. You can call us at any time to request de-winterizing services for your home so that you don’t have to worry about any seasonal plumbing issues occurring. Get in touch with us today at (989) 748-8277 for more details on how we can help you get ready for warm weather.

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