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Understanding what is going on with your home’s plumbing system can be very difficult. The fact that you can’t see inside your underground sewer lines or pipes to diagnose the problem yourself can be frustrating for many homeowners. You could be dealing with a small amount of dirt and debris that has clogged the interior of the pipes. Or your problem could be something much more serious.

How can you know for sure what you are dealing with when a technician inspects the lines? What if they give you a price that seems far too high for the service you need? To ensure your peace of mind and guarantee that you are only receiving the plumbing services you need, you should call on a company that offers plumbing inspections using the latest in plumbing tools and technology.

Our Technicians Specialize in Plumbing Inspections, Remodeling, Installation, and Repair

Here at 45th Parallel Plumbing, our crew can inspect your pipes using a small camera that will show us every inch of your sewer pipes. This will help us easily diagnose the problem so that you can see for yourself what is going on.

Once we have assessed the damage, we will explain how we plan to repair or replace your current sewer line. One of our most popular options is trenchless sewer pipe replacement. This service involves relining an old, damaged pipe with a smooth, silicone liner that is strong, durable, and designed to last for many years.

This method can help save you both time and money over traditional sewer line installation services, so be sure to contact us first anytime that you have indoor plumbing issues.

45th Parallel Plumbing Can Help Maintain Your Pipes Year Round

We understand that plumbing problems can occur all throughout the year. You may experience debris during the summer or fall seasons, or freezing pipes in the winter due to the cold Michigan temperatures. That is why we have technicians on staff who have the knowledge and expertise needed to install, repair, or oversee any residential plumbing problem that you may face.

We can even help you winterize or de-winterize your home to prevent any potential problems due to extreme weather conditions. Our seasonal inspections help our valued customers avoid expensive repair and installation fees, and keep their drains or pipes in excellent condition 365 days a year.

Let Us Help You Keep Your Lines Safe and Functional

We here at 45th Parallel Plumbing suggest that all our customers have regular plumbing inspections on a routine basis to ensure that their pipes are working as they should. This will help to eliminate the need for multiple repairs and help save you money over time.

We offer a wide range of services including new home plumbing installation, water heater replacement, and backflow testing. We can also provide our services to the local businesses in the Oscoda area and surrounding cities. Give us a call today at (989) 748-8277 to find out how our plumbing team can be of service to you.

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Contact us at 45th Parallel Plumbing for your home’s plumbing repair and maintenance. We look forward to working with you!

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