Lachine Water Heater Replacement

A water heater's life is somewhere between 8 to 12 years, with dependent factors such as the brand, the build, if it’s well-maintained, installation quality and water quality. If one day you try turning on the heat and the unit refuses to work, then it's high time for a water heater replacement!

Common Water Heater Issues

One chilly Monday morning, you head to the bathroom for a hot shower to start your day. You turn the knob and wait in anticipation for the hot, relaxing water. Instead, you’re greeted with a rude spray of cold water.A malfunctioning water heater can really ruin anyone's day.

So when you start hearing sizzling or hissing noises, it's time to consider replacing your old unit with a newer one. If you turn the tap and cold water gushes out, or if it takes forever to get hot, then you can be sure it's a defective heating element or a faulty thermostat.

See any leaks forming around your heater unit? It could be due to the pipes or the pressure relief valve.

You don't have to deal with these problems alone. 45th Parallel Plumbing will see to it that any burned element and worn-down component will be properly replaced. All new water heater installations across Northern Michigan Communities are done with special attention to detail. Our qualified technicians have the skill and the experience to carry out repairs and replacement in a professional manner.

Replacement Options

First thing to do is make sure it's your water heater that has failed and not simply a tripped breaker, a blown fuse or any other electrical problem. We can replace your water heater unit with the same brand and model, but we also recommend an upgrade if it will improve the quality of your life in the long run.

Hot Water Tank

This classic mainstay can do 2 things. It can heat the water flowing through the showerhead and it can store hot water for later use. The hot water tank is one of the most economical heater units in Lachine and it is one of the easiest and cheapest to install.

On-Demand Hot Water Heater

The flow-through water heater works whenever there's water passing through it. This type of heater also takes up significantly less space as compared to the traditional tank heater unit. You get virtually unlimited hot water within the rated capacity.

Take Care of your Water Heater

With our years of knowledge and experience, our technicians can recommend the best type of water heater according to you or your family's needs. Some of the deciding factors include the number of users in your home and how frequently you intend to use hot water.

You can make an informed decision when you finally upgrade to a new water heating unit for your home. Of course, we will take care of disposing your old heating unit responsibly.

Contact us today for professional Lachine water heater replacement services. We repair, maintain and replace any brand of electric or gas-fired hot water systems. You can be sure that you won't run out of hot water 365 days a year. 45th Parallel Plumbing service is all you need to enjoy hot water when you need it!

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