Indian River Backflow Testing

Is it that time of the year? Do you need your backflow prevention devices tested? Perhaps the worst plumbing nightmare is water flowing in the wrong direction. That’s just gross. It’s also dangerous and could lead to drinking water contamination.

That’s why the law requires homeowners in Indian River to install and regularly test backflow prevention devices. Our plumbers at 45th Parallel are experienced in providing Backflow Testing in Indian River, FL.

We offer:

- Backflow Prevention Device Installation

- Backflow Prevention Device Testing

- Troubleshooting and Repair of your backflow prevention devices

What causes Backflow?

There is a risk of backflow when:

- When the pressure in your pipes exceeds water pressure coming from the main water distribution system. This could be because of poor pipe maintenance or a plumbing emergency;

- Low pressure in the public system due to increased demand. This usually happens when a water main breaks or a hydrant is hit.

Why Homeowners Need Backflow Testing

The law requires homeowners in Indian River to ensure that their backflow prevention devices are in proper working condition. As per the law, homeowners are required to get their backflow preventer tested by a licensed Backflow Prevention Device Tester before using it.

After this, homeowners should get the devices checked annually. These tests should then be filed with the Department of Buildings. The failure to do so may result in fines. You may also be cut off from the water supply if you fail to comply with the law.

Moreover, backflow poses a serious health hazard for you and your entire community. Backflow can bring bacteria and other life-threatening pathogens in the main water line. In the 1970s, backflow killed 17 people in Philadelphia from a backflow that occurred in the hotel air conditioning system.

Why Hire a Professional?

You may be approached by plumbers claiming to be backflow testers. Our advice is to steer clear of these ‘plumbing-is-my-hobby’ people. You could land yourself in trouble if you don’t hire a professional and certified tester. Look out for:

Licensed Backflow Tester

The law decrees that only certified testers check backflow prevention devices. We have licensed and experienced professionals in our team.

Certificate of Inspection

Plumbers testing backflow devices need a certificate of inspection. In case, if a repair is needed, only certified and licensed plumbers have the authority to do the repair work.

Hassle-free Servicemen

Our plumbers know how to deal with the backflow device in case of a problem. Most of the time, the problem isn’t quite obvious. But professionals know where to look for. Moreover, when you hire certified testers, you save yourself the hassle of filing the test results with the relevant authorities. We do all the paperwork for you.

Looking for certified and experiences Backflow Testing companies in Indian River? Get the green light on your backflow devices; call us today to schedule a testing.

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