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Many people associate a visit from the plumber as a negative circumstance. Mental images of bursting pipes and flooded basements come to mind, and it’s the last thing anyone wants to undergo. There are however, many home and business owners who a visit from a plumbing specialist can mean exciting new changes.

For instance, a plumbing inspection could be one of the last steps a happy young family has to take before getting to move into their new home. Or it could mean a business owner’s newfound success has allowed for expansion. From bathroom and kitchen remodels to new home inspections, a visit from the plumber can be a wonderful thing. Sure, there are less pleasant causes for a visit, like the aforementioned flooded basement, but whether you are experiencing a dreaded plumbing problem or a big move, it is important to get a reliable specialist to perform the plumbing inspection.

Why Get a Plumbing Inspection

It is imperative that every prospective homeowner get their plumbing inspected before purchasing a property. Plumbing problems can be the most bothersome and potentially expensive of home issues, so detecting the concern before it becomes bigger trouble is key.

There are several major areas that must be checked before moving in. It is essential to inspect the water meter for leaks, water heater for corrosion and faucets, sinks and toilets for leaks and sufficient water flow. Most importantly, your septic tank must be carefully inspected for signs of seepage, such as odors and standing water.

Even if you aren’t in the market for a new home, your current home may be facing problems that indicate it’s time for a plumbing inspection. For instance, if you notice a slow drain that could be a sign that there is oil build up or grease in your drain.

Recurring clogs or multiple clogs can be a clue that you have a deeper problem in your main line. Another, more unpleasant indicator, you need a plumbing inspection is a foul odor. This can be a result of a hidden leak or clogged drain, and could lead to mold. Finally, if you have any flooding you may have a clog deep in your drain, and would require a quality video inspection to discover what the block is.

Call a Professional

Don’t make the mistake of attempting a video inspection yourself. Homeowner-level video inspection tools are significantly shorter than professional scopes and can only inspect a few feet. They also don’t possess the technological-capabilities that we have at 45th Parallel Plumbing. Using powerful lights, self-righting technology and high-resolution we are able to detect any potential problems that could be plaguing your drain system.

If you are one of the lucky new homeowners, or unfortunate current homeowners with a plumbing issue, call a plumbing company you can trust. Contact us at 45th Parallel Plumbing for a free estimate on your home’s plumbing repair and inspection. We take all inquiries within 24 hours, and guarantee reliable and excellent workmanship and customer service.

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