Hetherton Backflow Testing

When nearly 2 million gallons of sewage leaked into Grand River in Michigan, there was huge concern regarding the drinking water in the area. Luckily, it did not become contaminated but there was still great cause for concern. Ensuring that sewer does not leak or backflow into potable water is crucial for many reasons. For the town of Hetherton, backflow testing from 45th Parallel is the number one choice to guarantee that your home’s backflow devices are working properly and doing what they are meant to do.

What is backflow?

You may not realize this but there are measures put in place throughout your home’s plumbing system to ensure backflow prevention. Backflow is when reversed pressure causes water or sewer to flow in the wrong direction, which can result in major complications.

When sewage backflows into your clean drinking water it becomes contaminated and no longer safe to drink as it becomes a health and environmental problem. Our trained technicians at 45th Parallel are highly knowledgeable when it comes to plumbing and will come test all your backflow devices to confirm that your home is not at risk.

Protect Yourself and Others

Not only do you need to protect your home’s clean water supply but also the town that you live in. We will test the main connection where the municipal inground system meets with your pipes to make sure the valves are in working order and there is no concern for backflow into the town’s potable water. Our licensed professionals are here to keep you and those around you safe. Backflow assemblies/devices that are not working correctly can result in a serious situation.

Backflow Testing

During testing, your water will be temporarily shut off but we promise to work around your schedule to find a time that will work best for you so that you aren’t inconvenienced. Some common areas of your plumbing that will be inspected during backflow testing are:

- Dishwasher
- Clothes washer
- Sprinkler system
- Main connection/valve
- Basement drains

The costs of repairing and cleaning up after an unfortunate sewer reversal can be a nightmare. When 45th Parallel comes to your home for backflow testing, you will feel confident knowing that major plumbing dilemmas are not in your near future.

Test for Backflow Before Something Bad Happens

Let us come and test your plumbing system to reassure that backflow issues can be scratched off your list of worries. And if we do come across an issue or any component that isn’t working as it should be, we will advise and complete any repairs necessary to get everything up to code and working perfectly.

Since 2013, 45th Parallel has been testing backflow devices in residential and commercial plumbing all over Northern Michigan. We have proven that we are the best in the business and we always strive to provide you with professional and quality service. If you have any concerns regarding your plumbing system’s backflow operations, call us for a testing.

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