Harrisville Shallow Well Pump Replacement

Many homeowners have declared their independence from municipal water supplies and switched to well water for their cooking, bathing and hydration needs. Well water brings plenty of benefits in terms of affordability and water quality, but it also involves more technology to keep the water flowing.

Modern residential wells are an engineering marvel. Most wells can operate for many years without needing maintenance. While this dependability is certainly convenient, it can also lull homeowners into a false sense of security. Many people may not realize their well is malfunctioning until it’s too late.

The good news is that there are some telltale signs of well pump problems.

Warning Signs of Pump Problems

- Decreased water pressure

- No water flow from the faucets

- The faucet blasts out a combination of water and air

- Unusually high electric bills due to a constantly running pump

Determining If Your Well Pump Needs to Be Replaced

There are a few simple checks that can help determine what’s interrupting well water supply and figure out if the well pump is broken.

1. Do an electrical check.

If the water isn’t flowing, the electrical panel should be the first item on the checklist. Make sure the circuit for the well pump and pressure tank is flipped on. If it’s not, turning it on may be all it takes to get the well pump up and running. If the breaker is going out repeatedly, it’s time to call a professional to thoroughly check the system and diagnose whether the well pump is failing.

2. Check the pressure.

Recommended tank pressure is typically printed on the tank's label or in the instruction manual. If the pressure gauge on the tank is indicating a pressure reading of 20 psi or higher, the issue probably is not related to the well pump or well. If there’s no pressure at all, something is wrong with either the well pump or pressure tank, and it’s time for a replacement.

3. Look for flooding.

If one of the lines to the well has broken, the result will probably be standing water in the section of the property where the pipes connect the well to the house. This flooding is a symptom that the well pump is overworking, and pumping out an uncontrolled flow of water. If this is the case, contact a reputable, experienced well contractor to evaluate the problem and recommend the best solution.

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