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Plumbing problems are always a major inconvenience, especially for a business owner. Serious issues such as clogs, leaks or broken pipes can prevent a business from being able to operate normally. Because time is money for any business owner, hiring the right plumber for the job is essential.

Though there are common plumbing problems that can affect both homes and businesses, commercial plumbing needs can be very different than those of residential customers. In addition, the fast-paced climate of business creates a greater urgency associated with the repair turnaround time.

What to Look for in a Commercial Plumber


Even if the basic plumbing tasks are similar to residential services, commercial jobs tend to be much larger in scale. Frequent commercial plumbing issues include sewer line video camera inspections and repair, in addition to drain cleaning and hydro-jetting.

Some types of businesses lend themselves to having broader plumbing needs, as well. For example, restaurants are more prone to serious plumbing issues because they have large volumes of food and grease that make regular maintenance and cleaning essential. Commercial plumbers have more industry-specific knowledge and experience than plumbers who only work with residential customers.


A lengthy plumbing repair process can lead to unhappy customers. That’s why plumbing problems can be hugely disruptive for business owners. It’s important to find a commercial plumber who can offer 24-hour service and respond quickly in the event of a plumbing emergency that can impact a business’ bottom line. Don’t risk losing customers due to a plumbing crisis. Look for a commercial plumber who can provide immediate service.

Ability to Both Install and Repair

All plumbers are competent at providing repairs, but many commercial plumbing jobs require installation of parts and fixtures, as well. For example, hospitals and hotels need large-scale fittings of toilets, showers, sinks and faucets. In addition to restroom amenities, restaurants will need at least one commercial-grade garbage disposal. Other types of businesses will need items such as water heaters, water filters and fixtures for laundry rooms or kitchens.

Licensed and Insured

The commercial plumber should have a current, valid license to perform the work. This certifies that the plumber has passed the exam and any other requirements in your state, and also demonstrates the plumber’s commitment to completing the work according to code. The contracting company should also have an insurance policy that covers any accidents or property damage that occur during the repair process.

Preventive Maintenance Options

Commercial plumbers often offer routine maintenance plans to help businesses keep their facilities in prime condition. Regular services, such as drain cleaning, can help identify small problems before they cause greater damage. A relatively minor investment in preventive maintenance is smart for any business owner’s peace of mind.

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