Grayling Shallow Well Pump Replacement

For residents of Grayling faced with a shallow well replacement project, you can turn to the experts at 45th Parallel Plumbing to handle the repair. They can also take care of your installation needs as the average well does not function without a properly operating pump. In fact, the only way to actually know when a pump is malfunctioning is through a series of conditions to watch for.

They include:

Abnormal Noise

We can all typically hear the noises echoing through the water lines when your water service is provided by a well. The pump being used, gas or electric, will create some level of noise that can easily travel into your home and become obvious when you use any faucet.

After time you will become accustomed to the ‘normal’ sounds of your well pump kicking off or on and running. When you notice sounds that do not appear to be part of the normal operation, you may have a problem. This would be a good time to contact 45th Parallel Plumbing.

Dirty Water

Well water will not always be clear. There will be certain times of the year where sometime it may appear dirty than others. Usually this is in the spring during the winter melt and ground water levels rise. Should you discover dirty water coming from your faucets outside of this time frame, there could be a problem with your well pump. Sometimes dirty water is the result of a collapse within the well where dirt and debris has collected and mixed with the water being fed into your home.

Air Spitting

This is when air gets into the water line and causes an interrupted flow of water from a faucet or showerhead. It is a sign of the well pump not functioning properly by allowing air to enter the system. It is not only annoying, depending on the water pressure in your water system, spitting can become quite messy splashing water onto nearby counters and fixtures. If left unchecked, it could create a hazardous situation.

Utility Costs

This may be your most obvious tip that there is something seriously wrong with your well pump. If your power bill takes a spike and continues to be higher than seasonally normal, you could have a major issue on your hands. The power bill will be reflective of how much your well pump has been working and an overworked pump soon becomes a worn out pump. Leaving this too long may result in a pump replacement that could have been prevented.

Well Pump Replacement for Grayling Shallow

To be sure, contact the well specialists at 45th Parallel Plumbing. We have several years of experience handling rural and residential well pump applications. It is one of the many skills we possess in the plumbing business in this part of Michigan. You can book an appointment via email or by phoning us direct at 989-748-8277. We can handle shallow pump repairs, installation and replacement. In Grayling, call us today to find out how we can rectify your pump problem.

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