Glennie Winterizing

Homeowners winterize their homes when they're leaving for warmer regions. If you're one of those who will be vacating your house during the cold winter months, entrust your home to 45th Parallel for the best winterizing services in the Glennie area!

Blizzard-like conditions may contain strong winds, endless snowfall and freezing cold. These extreme elements can put your water pipes to the test. If water is left inside pipes, they will freeze and expand, causing breaks, cracks and leaks when the warmer months come around.

Shutting off the water main before you leave is the key to successful winterizing. It helps protect your plumbing system against the freezing onset of the cold. Doing this means you get back to a proper home after the winter season is over.

Winterization Services

45th Parallel Plumbing has served many homes, condos, cottages and commercial establishments around the Northern Michigan communities. Winterizing means taking care of not just the plumbing, but also the drywalls, the ceiling, the floor and any repair that comes up due to water damage. Here are some of the comprehensive measures involved in our Glennie winterizing services:

- We prepare your winter home to stave off winter conditions by shutting off any and all water lines. Our professional technicians open all indoor faucets to keep the air moving and prevent air locks from forming, drain the water and water supply lines, and drain the pipes located at the highest and the lowest point in your property.

- Our licensed plumbers do a complete home inspection for any plumbing damage or weakness. Insulated exterior pipes and faucets that are located in the basement, under your homes' crawl space and in the unheated garage are also checked.

- We disconnect water hoses in order to prevent water from freezing and expanding when the freezing temperature comes. This type of damage could potentially reach the connecting faucets, and the pipes to also freeze and crack.

- We winterize your dishwasher and washing machine if needed, then label all winterized locations and appliances.

- Our friendly technicians bring a compressor along the process to blow the water lines clear of water to prevent freeze damage in the winter months.

- We fill all drain traps, sink drains and toilets using non-toxic, environmentally safe anti-freeze.

Stop Preventable Home Damage!

A properly winterized home is protected from the freezing cold. Moreover, you save up on unexpected repair costs when you leave water inside the system and the pipes burst. Not doing winterization can drain you of thousands of dollars of emergency repairs and replacement plumbing. Winterizing your home stops preventable damage such as gas leaks, broken or cracked pipes, faucets and more.

Make sure to schedule a winterizing service with our experienced crew for your property before you leave for a long vacation. Astronomically high energy bills and burst pipes should be the least of your worries when you lock up the house. We can help you complete the necessary steps to properly winterizing your home and get your water lines up to speed when the thaw finally comes. Our excellent services provide unparalleled peace of mind.

Call 45th Parallel today and have your home winterized the expert way. We can also assist with emergency situations. Our technicians are always ready to help!

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