Drain Cleaning
Gaylord, Michigan

Drain cleaning is necessary for maintaining the health of your pipes. While there are some commercial drain cleaning solutions available, they are not long term solutions. Only drain cleaning by a professional plumber can provide lasting improvements to your drain pipes. When your pipes become clogged and corroded, not only do they stop draining properly, they risk more severe damage. Drain cleaning is a great way to preserve your pipes and prevent future damage.

How do we clean your drains?

Depending on the type of debris or damage, your drains can either be cleaned mechanically or using stronger methods. Your drains regularly collect food, grease, dirt, hair, and more. The water in your drains also attract invading tree roots.

Mechanical cleaning involves using snakes and augers to enter your drain and physically force blockages and materials out. This can remove a lot of larger debris but does not completely clean your drain. To clean your drains more thoroughly, we can use pressurized water to eliminate corrosion and debris that is stubbornly clinging to your pipes. This method, known as hydrojetting, does not require any harsh chemicals. Hydrojetting is the only way to remove invading tree roots.

What could happen if you don’t regularly clean your drains?

It is important to make sure that your drains are completely clean because even small pieces of debris left in your drains will catch other pieces and build back up more quickly. The smoother and clearer your pipes are, the better they will drain and the longer they will remain unclogged.

Skipping regular drain cleanings won’t save you any trouble or money in the long run. Debris collecting in your drains builds up and blocks water flow. This can lead to overflowing sinks and toilets in your house, resulting in water damage. It also increases the likelihood that your pipes will corrode and break. This can lead to heavy repair costs. Any leaking can lead to contamination and disease.

When is drain cleaning not enough?

If you have had your drains cleaned multiple times in the past year, it may not be enough to solve your plumbing issues. Cleaning does not solve any problems caused by leaks or cracks, and may actually reveal more severe issues. After we clean your drains, talk to us about a plumbing inspection. We can offer simple and effective repair options that can restore your pipes to like new condition.

What we can do for you in Gaylord, Michigan?

We offer free estimates for any plumbing repair or maintenance that you may need. We are available 7 days a week in an emergency situation. If you schedule your drain cleaning with 45th Parallel Plumbing, you will be working with experienced technicians who are familiar with a wide range of plumbing issues and solutions.

You will only need one phone number for multiple problems that you may have around your house. If you’ve acquired a new property, then we can help you with inspections, cleaning, and remodeling. Call us today.

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