Cheboygan Shallow Well Pump Replacement

Having a private well on their property is something many homeowners dream of. It provides guaranteed access to fresh and clean drinking water, as well as water for washing laundry, cleaning dishes, or taking a shower.

But back in the old days, this meant having to drop a bucket into the well and pull it out with a rope, which could quickly become a tiring job. Today we use modern technology to get rid of this burden, and well pumps make pumping water a task that is done automatically without our intervention.

Shallow well pumps

Shallow well pumps are used for wells that are up to 25’ deep. They are placed outside the well, usually in some housing to protect them from the environment. If they are properly maintained, they can last for ten years or more, but if you are experiencing problems with your pump, you should get in touch with us and have it checked out.

Fix or replace?

Most of the time, a homeowner will decide to replace their pump as soon as they notice any problems with it, but not all issues require a pump replacement. Sometimes the problem is not even in the pump, but rather in the suction line or the pipes. We can help you diagnose the exact problem and let you know if the pump can be repaired or if it needs to be replaced.

Pumps that are starting to fail will start to deliver weak water pressure, or you might not get any water flow at all. A pump that is constantly running is another warning sign since it means that either the pump is not managing to maintain the water pressure, or it does not have the enough capacity to handle the amount of water you need and should be replaced by a pump with more power.

Dirty water, clanking noises, or air in the faucets could also mean that the pump is not working as it should. If your pump needs to be replaced, we can do this for you in the most efficient way.

Cheboygan Shallow Well Pump Replacement

Our skilled staff has been servicing the northern Michigan communities since 2013 and has the knowledge required to replace your shallow well pump. The pipes that go into the well and bring out the water should have the proper diameter and be completely free of leaks. A pump that is poorly replaced can not only operate in a non-efficient way but also allow debris to contaminate the water. There are also safety measures that need to be taken care of before working with electrical pumps, and scaffolding might be necessary if there will be work done near the well’s opening.

This means that it is always best to let a professional take care of this. We have the experience and technology that will provide a quick and painless pump replacement for you. Replacing a shallow water pump is a relatively simple procedure, and we will make sure that you continue enjoying reliable access to your water.

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