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For new home plumbing installation in Briley call the professionals at 45th Parallel Plumbing. For every new home project the plumbing system creates a skeleton that the rest of the structure is build around. We suspect that electricians will see their contributions to a new home as being more important but without water in your home, you have no life.

With this in mind, there are a number of requirements for plumbing in each and every new construction project. Aside from meeting specific codes, your new home must have the following:

Plumbing Fixtures

In the case of new home construction the plumbing fixtures required include a tub, shower, sinks, and toilets. These should be preselected long before building begins. In fact, because such fixtures must be installed long before walls and doorways are completed, any delay in purchasing or delivering fixtures slows down the entire construction project.

Water Supply

It may look great to have brand new fixtures in a newly framed house but without a water source, they will sit unused. The water supply to your home will come from the municipal main line. This main line will run alongside your property underground. A line connected from that will run underground to your house. It should sit under the frost line and once in your home (basement or crawlspace) it should split into two separate lines. One will provide normal water throughout the house with the other going directly to your hot water system.

Venting Pipes

Every drain in your home should have a vent pipe which will provide a constant air supply. Each of these vent pipes, which will measure about 2 inches in diameter, will join the vent and soil stack or will exit the roof individually. The purpose of the vent pipes is to prevent water locks. These are typically located just behind each sink or fixture which must be installed before framing is complete.

Drain Traps

Every sink, shower, and tub has one of these U-shaped pipes. They are intended to keep sewer gases from building up inside your home. The unusual shape of the bottom of your toilet is because it has a built-in drain trap. Sometimes you must remove these traps in order to clean them properly because organic material can become trapped and develop into a clog. When that happens, give us a call to fix that problem!


This is where your waste water goes. From all sources, the waste water is fed directly to the main sewer drain portion of your water system. This is then connected to either a septic system or a municipal sewer system where it is fed to a treatment site.

Your New Home Plumbing Installation in Good Hands

New construction is challenging but with these key elements all factored in, the water and sewer system within your new home will function well. For more information on new home plumbing installation in Briley, contact 45th Parallel Plumbing. You can send us an email to schedule an appointment to discuss your project. Or you can call our new construction plumbing installers direct at 989-748-8277.

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