Bell Backflow Testing

In plumbing, the term backflow means the contamination of clean water. Once contaminated, the water may become foul or may cause health hazards. At 45th Parallel Plumbing, our team works hard to ensure backflow does not happen in any of the locations we cover.

Conducting a Bell Backflow Testing is one of the services we offer. By regularly testing our customers’ residences and offices, we help maintain the healthy in and out flow of water and air within the system.

Understanding Backflow

For backflow to be under control, all building and home constructions should abide by compliance codes. We are very much aware of the codes since we work closely with water and drains as well as the preservation of the environment, ensuring that wastewater does not mix with clean water.

There are at least two reasons for backflow to happen. First one is when there is more pressure in the system than in the supply. We usually encounter this scenario in homes with no vents in their HVAC systems.

The second possible cause of backflow is siphonage. This means that the supply’s pressure has been siphoned or drained down and is much lower than the system’s pressure.

In cases of backflows, our customers need to understand that there are at least 5 levels of contamination. If the contamination is a level 1, then there is no risk yet. At level 2, the water may be foul or tastes different. At a level 3 contamination, the water may slightly be hazardous with a low level of toxins in storage tanks.

The dangerous levels of contaminations are levels 4 and 5. When contamination has reached level 4, this can mean pesticides may have reached the water system. Once it reaches level 5, this is seriously hazardous to health, which means clean water may have been mixed up with human waste water.

Checking Backflows

We advise our customers to turn off their water supply if they suspect a backflow. Tell everyone in the house that there is a backflow issue and that they should refrain from using the water until it is confirmed safe. Give us a call immediately so we can come out and fix the backflow before it causes any further damage. We do not recommend doing this yourself due to the high levels of possible contamination.

A backflow test should be conducted at least once a year to guarantee the safety of your family. Call our professional team at 45th Parallel Plumbing to inspect, maintain, and test your backflow device so you don't get yourself into a tricky situation.

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