Atlanta De-Winterizing

The freezing cold winters in Michigan can be brutal. With temperatures below freezing and overcast skies that can last for months, many people winterize their properties and head to a different location for an extended amount of time. This includes preparing your pipes and plumbing for possible freezing, shutting off water to the home, and other measures to protect the home while it sits empty. When homeowners return, it’s time to de-winterize their property.

Better Than Surviving the Winter

De-winterizing essentially reverses the winterizing process. The main focus of de-winterizing is reconnecting the plumbing system and making sure everything works properly. Faucets are treated, allowing any accumulated debris to drain out, and provide clean water again. Major appliances are reconnected to the water system and supply valves are reopened.

De-winterizing your plumbing and pipes in the Atlanta area comes with its own set of concerns. Regardless of how well your property was winterized, unexpected damages could have occurred while you were away. That’s why our team at 45th Parallel inspect your home carefully when de-winterizing, paying close attention to areas that are often overlooked, and making sure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

If any unexpected damage is discovered, our experienced technicians use all means necessary to minimize the risks of additional water damage as much as possible. Our technicians are licensed and trained to use only tried and true methods for de-winterizing your home, checking every part of your building, and making sure to look at each water fixture individually. We reconnect your water system, taking the proper measures to prevent water damage if a leak is discovered or there is a pipe burst.

Experienced Professionals

We have extensive experience with a variety of different water systems, including municipal systems that source their water from the city or private well systems. Each type of system has different requirements for getting turned back on for your property. You can trust us to make sure this is done right.

Our technicians know what to look for, including areas that may have leaks or corrosion. Even if freezing did not occur over the winter, a pipe may have damage that could lead to more problems if it goes undetected. Let us look over your entire plumbing and pipe system to ensure there are no leaks! We will also take care of inspecting and servicing the entire system, including your water pump and drain traps to ensure everything is in good condition and functioning properly.

Our business is dedicated toward satisfied customers and we do everything in our power to attain your utmost satisfaction. At 45th Parallel Plumbing, we service many areas in Michigan and offer the best plumbing services all year long - no matter the season, snow or shine. Call us for all your plumbing needs!

If you have a property that has been empty and winterized, make sure de-winterizing is done properly before you live in it. You’ll be glad you did.

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