Michigan is known for its treacherous winters that include several feet of snow, wind, rain, and freezing temperatures. Residents who have endured the state’s difficult winters for years are accustomed to the rough weather conditions and the preparations they must make to keep their homes safe. Others, may not be so aware and are in danger of repairing a damaged sewer system.

Chilling Weather Has a Damaging Effect on Septic Systems

During the Winter of 2014, the residents of Allegan, MI received a warning about the dangers of melting snow once the ice and snow started to thaw out.  Because of the excessive amount of melting snow and run-off, there was an enormous potential for flooding in the area. This meant that the water could be filled with waste from local farms or overflow from residential sewage systems.

Allegan County Emergency Management and the Allegan County Health Department warned residents that bacteria found in the waste water could cause various waterborne illnesses. The notice they sent out warned that the locals should avoid making contact with surface water, because of the high bacteria levels.

Residents were urged to avoid neighborhood creeks and the drainage ditches which were swollen by the melted snow. While there were safeguards in place for newer agricultural fields during the time of the big thaw, there were also older farmlands or damaged fields that could cause some issues.

Have Your Septic System Inspected by the Experts

While flooding wastewater may not be a major problem for everyone, it is still important to have your home’s septic system inspected by a team of professionals on a routine basis. 45th Parallel Plumbing has served the residents of Northern Michigan since 2013. Their team has the knowledge and experience needed to make sure your septic system functions as it should all year round. Along with checking your septic system for problem areas, 45th Parallel also offers winterizing and de-winterizing services which are ideal for Michigan’s ruthless climate.

Why Should I Consider Winterizing My Home?

Winterizing your place of residence can help to improve your chances of avoiding serious winter issues such as frozen pipes, burst pipes, and an overflowing septic system. The skilled technicians from 45th Parallel understand the importance of preparing your home for the winter. They will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about the process. And, once the seasons change, the technicians will come out to de-winterize your home and get it ready for warmer conditions outdoors.

Winter Plumbing Services

The crew at 45th Parallel Plumbing offer a broad range of services to their customers all year round. If you need to have your septic system inspected, water heater replacement, or backflow testing, be sure to give them a call today to learn more about all the plumbing services they have available.